Street Sleep SD Invitation

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Did you know that 1,800+ youth sleep on the streets of San Diego every night? This is not just a statistic, it is a reality for a staggering number of children and teens. No young person, regardless of circumstance, should experience homelessness. This is why I am participating in San Diego Youth Services’ Street Sleep SD on Oct. 7.

 To raise awareness for youth homelessness, I will sleep outside for one night with just a sleeping bag and a cardboard box.

 You can join me in taking action! Register as a participant, create your own team or join mine. If you don’t want to sleep out, you can still make an impact. We’ve made a goal of a minimum of $5,000 per team and I really need your help to reach it.

 I hope you’ll join me in support of this important cause!

 Here's the link to sign up and join my Sleep Out team: INSERT TEAM URL